Ilex guayusa leaves (dried and milled) - 75g

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Guayusa is an Amazonian holly (Ilex guayusa) which contains caffeine - its dried leaves have been used to make a revered tea for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Guayusa comes from the same family of rainforest holly trees as yerba mate, the popular caffeinated tea that is drunk all over South America. Yerba mate grows in the Atlantic rainforest whereas guayusa thrives in the Amazon rainforest.

Please note that we are not able to market guayusa as a food item due to the current Novel Food regulations affecting the EU and UK. What we are selling you is 75g of dried and milled guayusa leaves from the Ecuadorian Amazon for study or display only in unbranded packs.

We are working to gain Novel Food approval and hope to be able to market this product as a tea/beverage in the future. You can learn more about Novel Foods here.

Our supplier has Fairtrade, Organic and Non GMO credentials.

Type: Ilex guayusa

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