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Choco Guayusa Tea - 16 Pyramid Bags
Choco Guayusa Tea - 16 Pyramid Bags £4.99 £5.99
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Pure Guayusa Tea - 75g
Pure Guayusa Tea - 75g £6.99
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Pure Guayusa Tea - 150g
Pure Guayusa Tea - 150g £11.99
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Choco guayusa tea - 75g pack front
Choco Guayusa Tea - 75g £6.99
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Choco guayusa tea - 150g pack front
Choco Guayusa Tea - 150g £11.99
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About guayusa

Guayusa is an Amazonian holly (Ilex guayusa) which contains caffeine - its dried leaves have been used to make a delicious tea for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Guayusa comes from the same family of rainforest holly trees as yerba mate, the popular caffeinated tea that is drunk all over South America.

Yerba mate grows in the Atlantic rainforest whereas guayusa thrives in the Amazon rainforest. Grown primarily in Ecuador, it has been an important part of tribal life for centuries.

Because guayusa doesn’t contain any tannins, it doesn’t have the bitter taste of green tea and even some black teas. Instead it has a clean, sweet flavour, that is delicious on its own or with soy, rice or nut milk.

Caffeine levels in guayusa

A regular sized cup of tea made with 2g of guayusa would give around 38mg of caffeine where a normal cup of coffee might be more in the region of 90mg.

Rather than the rapid 'high and crash' of coffee, guayusa seems to release its caffeine more slowly. This could be seen as a benefit in the sense that it feels easier on the system and the energising effects are prolonged.

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Our 'ten reasons' animation

May 19, 2017

Hey all just throwing up this little animation we made of ten reasons we love guayusa tea. These aren't the only reasons, but they're good ones :) Discover more detail on our original blog Ten reasons we love #guayusa tea! Discover more on our blog at guayusateashop.co/10reasons A post shared by Guayusa Tea Shop (@guayusateashop) on May 18, 2017 at 1:02pm PDT

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New guayusa weights, prices, packing and flavours!

April 21, 2017

A montage of our new guayusa tea packs and sizes

Hey there, guayusa lovers! 

We just wanted to post this short blog to let you know about some recent changes...

We've changed the weights of our pure loose leaf guayusa tea, and introduced a new option - also in loose leaf - our 'choco' blend. This 'Choco' variety combines the tastiness and goodness of raw cacao nibs with our usual delicious and energising guayusa.

The new pack sizes are 150g and 75g and come in an updated design that better matches our recently launched biodegradable pyramid bags.

The boxes are much more durable and the tea itself is stored inside a separate bag within the box.

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We're changing our postage costs

February 21, 2017

Hi everyone, we hope everything is good with you and thank you as always for your support and custom. We wanted to let you know about a few changes to our shipping prices and policies. We've been trading for just over a year and a half now, and we've always been making a bit of a loss on the postage costs. We've tried to keep these fixed for as long as possible, but with lots of other things going up in price, we regrettably can't sustain it. For example, it costs us about £3.50 to post one packet of tea including the packaging, but we've only been charging £2.50.  From March the 5th 2017, we will need to change the postage prices...

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Ten reasons we love guayusa tea

January 06, 2017

Picture of a live guayusa tea tree

It's 2017! Happy New Year :)

The New Year is famed for being a point in time when we’re encouraged to start new ventures, change our behaviours and ditch old habits!

We gave up coffee as our daily source of caffeine in favour of guayusa (a caffeinated holly that grows in the Amazon rainforest) about 3 years ago. Since we first fell in love with it a lot has happened.

We adored it so much that we wanted to tell more people about it, and we worked hard around our busy day jobs to find out how to start a tea business! There’s no time here to list everything that was involved, but it’s now about a year and a half since we started trading, and we have so many more plans!

We have learned so much. One thing we've learned is that if you feel a passion about something so much that you can’t stop thinking, or talking, about it - and you want to build a living around it - you can. You might have to put in some extra hours - and be able to sustain it (for what feels like quite a while) - but if that love doesn’t go away, you won’t give up!

You probably have gotten the sense that we are really passionate about guayusa? So, it wouldn't hurt us to back up why - here’s ten 10 reasons why we love this tea so much.

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